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Five Consecutive Years: KLAS Category Leader in Interface Engine Market Segment

Working at Corepoint Health the past eight years has been special. As a company, we develop, implement, and support interoperability software, so we are literally in the middle of healthcare.

Being in the middle creates opportunities and challenges and, through it all, our focus has always been, “Do what is right for our customers.” One of the reasons my experience here has been special is because many companies make this statement and few deliver. I know we always try to deliver our best and always work to have the customer in the center of what we do.

Within Corepoint Health, we measure how well we are doing by what customers tell us directly. We listen to what they need and work to deliver on those requirements in a planned, meaningful way. another way we get a sanity check is through the ongoing surveys KLAS® research conducts. we always provide our full customer list and always carefully read what our customers say to understand how we can improve.

Our focus is on the customer experience, and everyone (and i mean everyone!) in our company plays a key role in delivering an exceptional experience for our customers. having each team member answer this question – How does it feel to be recognized as a category leader in the Best in KLAS report for five consecutive years? – would be fantastic but the mechanics of doing this would be a little daunting. instead, i asked some of the key leaders this question and here are their answers:

Phil Guy, CEO:  “Corepoint’s customers continue to strengthen the company’s foundation with their guidance and confidence in our team. Through suggestions from clinics, radiology practices, and hospitals ranging from large multi-facility IDNs to critical care hospitals, we continuously improve our services, support and product functionality. As always, we appreciate each customer and are humbled they selected us as number one in the KLAS rankings for the fifth year in a row.”

See: Always improving, corepoint health named health it’s top interface engine by KLAS® for fifth consecutive year

Sonal Patel, vice resident, client services:  “We view our relationship with customers as a partnership, and are ecstatic and honored they have made achieving the number one ranking in KLAS a fifth year in a row possible. their consistent enthusiasm and feedback serves as the greatest motivator to further enhance our training, support, and professional services offerings.”

Joe Merritt, vice president, development: “Being number one in KLAS for five years gives validation to the customer-centric work we do in product development. It makes all those hours spent discussing the details of user experience and workflows worthwhile when we can see the impact it has on the real world.”

The reality is this: The commentary that matter the most are from our customers. Highlighted below is one quote (anonymous) from the KLAS ongoing surveys.

“I am very excited about corepoint integration engine, and i feel like i am just scratching the surface. i have worked in integration since the mid-1990s. Corepoint has a whole new way of doing interfaces, and they have many tools that i consider to be invaluable to an interface programmer. everything is built in, so the system is a wonderful place to work and develop new code. It has an excellent presentation when programmers are ready to push something out.” – Manager

(Collected about Corepoint Integration Engine by KLAS in January 2013 ©KLAS enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

Each year, the bar gets set a little higher as our overall scores have risen each of the five years. with 97.7 being our overall score in 2013, we know we have a lot of continued hard work to embrace and do. just as we are in the middle of the health data flow, our customers are in the middle of everything we do. our continued focus on these elements will help us lift our efforts to the next level of delivery and performance.

We are extremely grateful to our customers for their feedback and continued partnership. our promise is to continue to do what is right for you and in your vital role of connecting our healthcare system. Thank you for all you do!

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