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The Corepoint Way: Staying responsive to customers during release of 2016.1

Corepoint Health Support Hotline Call Volume for the 2016.1 Release

We were all quite excited in March with the release of Corepoint Integration Engine 2016.1 and it looks like we weren’t the only ones!

Corepoint Health’s Support hotline call volume was up by over 20% in March due to interest in the new release. The good news is that our Support team directly answered nearly 90% of incoming calls, with the remaining 10% going to “overflow,” which means those calls were answered by non-Support team members and received a response from Support personnel within one business day.

Overall, I’m excited that our customers shared our enthusiasm for the new release – which contains RESTful web services that allows customers to implement HL7 FHIR. I am proud that our Support team responded to customers at such a high percentage, and I would like to thank the customers who had to wait a few hours for a response for their patience.

Corepoint Health Support Hotline Call Volume for the 2016.1 Release

I would also like to thank our customers for the feedback they give us on how we are doing and also opportunities on how we can improve and will often highlight this at our monthly all-staff meetings. Below are a few replies, taken verbatim, which we received while helping our customers upgrade to the latest release:

“Wow they’re doing it for us! This is awesome! You guys are awesome and we really appreciate the extra effort you guys put in for us.” (Regarding 2016.1 installation help.)

“You guys are amazing. My boss is the pickiest person on the planet, and Corepoint is the only vendor that gets a grade A+.”

“As usual, all my support calls were met with the highest degree of knowledge, understanding, and kindness. …I very much appreciate the help given our situation.” (Received after the customer’s main Corepoint Integration Engine user had a medical emergency.)

“Every time I call into support you guys are very helpful. I really want to try and make it down to Corepoint Connect to meet all of you!” (Corepoint Connect is our annual user group conference and will be held this year Oct. 10-12.)

“Have you always been a genius?” (Of course I had to include this comment about one of our team members!)

As always, please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help!

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