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Corepoint Integration Engine Helps DRA Imaging Gain Competitive Advantage in Radiology Marketplace

#1 in KLAS Integration Engine helps DRA Imaging increase productivity and quality resulting in improved service to patients and the referring medical community

Dallas – By using Corepoint Integration Engine, which seamlessly integrates healthcare data from different vendors, DRA Imaging has taken major steps in improving front desk medical patient service and billing efficiency, allowing the radiology practice to accurately collect insurance copay revenues and enabling the front desk to focus their attention where it belongs, on the patient.

Because DRA Imaging is now more easily able to exchange data between internal and vendor applications, satisfaction has increased among the practice’s most valued customers – their patients and the external referring medical community in New York’s Hudson Valley region, said Julian Gottesman, Chief Information Officer at DRA.

Mr. Gottesman is especially grateful for how well engineered Corepoint Health’s software and training are, enabling his team to ramp up and successfully meet the constantly-evolving challenges to improve how DRA Imaging services customers.

“Our RIS is a very robust application, but capturing data entry errors is not always possible,” said Wayne Wadsworth, Senior Systems Architect at DRA Imaging. “These errors filter their way through the system resulting in an ongoing waste of time and effort trying to fix them. We realized many of the data entry errors could be captured up front as they occur within the RIS. We were not able to accomplish this using our RIS alone and Corepoint Health provided the perfect remedy. By using their configuration application, we were more easily able to build the logic. Connecting our in-house developed software with our RIS using Corepoint Integration Engine allowed us to succeed in reducing billing errors. This is just the beginning. We are working hard to ensure our patients receive the highest quality care in the Hudson Valley.”

“DRA Imaging plans to use the Corepoint Integration Engine to improve our billing workflows even further by more tightly integrating with our hospital partners to achieve a more streamlined charge collection process,” said Mr. Wadsworth.

“In addition, providing real-time work queues are envisioned for improving the workflows of our patient’s journey through our facility. Ultimately this will allow us to proactively serve our patients’ needs best, providing ‘just in time’ actionable data,” said Mr. Gottesman

“Corepoint Integration Engine is thankfully backed by first rate technical staff and leadership, it is obvious how important their customers are to them,” Mr. Gottesman said. “The ability to contact their support engineers and implementation team with any issue has increased our confidence in future interfacing projects, such as connecting to a health information exchange. DRA Imaging’s executive team and staff are extremely excited about future data exchange possibilities.”

Phil Guy, CEO of Corepoint Health, said that every health care provider has unique integration needs, which is why it is important they perform due diligence, such as reading customer product reviews in KLAS reports, prior to selecting an integration partner.

“There are different ways innovative clients like DRA Imaging are using Corepoint Integration Engine to improve IT workflows. Whether it be connecting to a state HIE or exchanging data between internal information systems, we are able to help customers accomplish their operational goals through our unique team approach to interfacing,” said Guy.

About DRA Imaging:
DRA Imaging, PC
1 Columbia Street
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601

400 Westage Business Center Drive
Fishkill, New York 12524

Taconic Crossings Building
1351 Route 55
Lagrangeville, New York 12540

(888) XRAY-888
(845) 454-4700

DRA Imaging Profile
Utilizing the most advanced diagnostic imaging tools available in the region, DRA Imaging has been a leader in diagnostic imaging for more than 30 years, providing unprecedented levels of comfort, safety and imaging accuracy, while putting patients first.

DRA Imaging was the first to bring Ultrasound, MRI, Digital Mammography, PET/CT, and EVLT to the Hudson Valley.  With this comprehensive arsenal of state-of-the-art technology, including CAT scan, Ultrasound, and the GE Sterotactic Mammography System, diagnostic test results can be delivered quickly, anywhere in the world.
DRA Imaging offers an array of specialty services, including MRI of the Breast, Interventional Radiology, Bone Densitometry, CT Virtual Colonoscopy, and CT Coronary Angiography.  The Vein Center provides EVLT and Sclerotherapy to treat varicose veins.

The Board Certified radiologists are doctors from the best medical schools, who continually update their skills through training and continuing education, Dr. Richard Friedland, President and CEO, and Dr. Victor Gaines have both received the Hudson Valley’s “Top Doc Award” for the past seven years in a row.

About Corepoint Health:
Corepoint Health has the healthcare IT experience and strength to deliver a dramatically simplified approach to internal and external data integration and health information exchange for hospitals, radiology centers, laboratories, and clinics. Our next generation software solutions streamline your IT environment, providing a fast track to achieving your interoperability goals and creating operational leverage within your organization. Our approach significantly reduces the demands on your IT staff and budget. Corepoint Integration Engine was named the #1 interface engine for three consecutive years, 2009-2011, in the Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report.

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