Managed Services

Helping you implement and derive value from our solutions as quickly and effectively as possible.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to complement our full suite of industry leading healthcare technology solutions.

Our aim is to help clients implement and derive value from their solutions as quickly and effectively as possible through our end-to-end services, from strategy to implementation, through to adoption and support.

Our clinicians, analysts and business advisors can help you realize the full benefit of the technology you have put in place and achieve a faster return on your investment.

Our Services

Advisory Services

Healthcare pressures globally are creating new challenges for healthcare organizations on how to develop and maintain a sustainable business model. Rhapsody Advisory Services can help you plan an IT adoption strategy, the key elements of which include a shared vision, proper governance, stakeholder alignment, provider engagement and effective communication. This strategy will outline ways of dealing with risk and change, how to maximize financial investment, and achieve current and future objectives through utilizing our solutions.

Rhapsody Services

The Rhapsody Services team offers an extensive range of consulting engagements to support the success of critical Rhapsody projects. Consulting services are offered to support the earliest stages of project initiation into implementation, change management, and planning for the future to meet individual customer need. Our global monitoring centers constantly review system performance and stability, proactively engaging to make adjustments and keep end-users up and running 24x7.

Support and Services Operations

A typical IT department manages one hundred or more applications, each with specific hardware and operating systems requirements. Our global Support and Service Operations teams offer round-the-clock technical assistance via the web, telephone or email to help customers track and resolve any software issues. Security updates, workarounds, emergency fixes, and functionality or performance scheduling of bug fixes are provided by specialist support staff and development engineers across our global monitoring centers. These teams continuously monitor, maintain, upgrade and optimize software solutions to enhance system performance and stability.

Implementation Services

Our Implementation teams leverage best practice experiences from hundreds of unique implementations around the globe, to make the design and configuration decisions to implement a solution best suited to your organizational requirements. Experienced delivery and technical professionals will work with your business to implement and configure a solution to accommodate your requirements using concepts, tools and techniques from both traditional ‘waterfall’ and newer, agile methods of project delivery. 

Client Onboarding Services

Enabling widespread adoption is critical to the uptake of a new solution. The Client Onboarding team focuses solely on onboarding the customer, and the adoption of the new solution. Customers actively participate in the onboarding process through a Participant Engagement Package that contains a readiness checklist, and sample message validation tools. Customer driven participation and collaboration is particularly important throughout the process, including in the final phase when the interfaces are documented, promoted to the production environment, and monitored post-go-live.

SaaS Operations

Rhapsody’s standardized feature-rich SaaS solutions have all the operational and financial benefits of a fully hosted solution delivered through Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability (HA) services, with an emphasis on compliance and security. These solutions are delivered via a subscription-based on-demand model, which is scalable and resilient, using cloud infrastructure and virtualization. Rhapsody provides you with a complete cloud-based solution, enabling you to focus on running your business without the burden typically associated with managing and maintaining your own.

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