Rhapsody as a Service

The benefits of Rhapsody® can now be realized with Rhapsody as a Service (RaaS). By hosting Rhapsody in a cloud environment, organizations can have the powerful features of the interoperability platform with greater responsiveness, scalability, agility, and cost savings.

Like Rhapsody On-Premises, RaaS is a comprehensive, easy-to-use and innovative enabler that brings healthcare systems together through seamless data integration. By utilizing the industry-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud hosting, RaaS offers all of the benefits of Rhapsody with the additional advantages of the cloud.

The popular implementation model allows Rhapsody to offer flexible licensing models for further cost savings. Prepare your organization for the future with added scalability and numerous benefits to help your organization now, including: cost savings, flexibility, risk reduction, increased security, faster deployment, agile development, elasticity, and more.


Benefits of RaaS

Compelling benefits of a cloud service

Migrating from on-premises servers to cloud-based services has numerous benefits, including cost savings, flexibility, risk reduction, increased security, faster deployment, agile development, elasticity and increased scalability. In environments that are variable, demanding and quickly evolving, cloud services can deliver greater system robustness and efficiency — for the same or less investment — while creating opportunity for incredible innovation and transformation.

Brings a new and competitive pricing model

RaaS provides the ability to only pay for the infrastructure or services that are being used. Under this model there is scope for cost savings. Instead of purchasing requirements upfront, having to account for projected growth, redundancy, etc., those large initial costs can be converted to a subscription model, transforming IT infrastructure from a capital expense (CapEx) to an operational expense (OpEx) that is more predictable.

Improved security and compliance adherence

Rhapsody has dedicated teams of security experts and employs best-practice security measures. This includes comprehensive auditing capabilities in addition to protection and access control. It is critical to handle healthcare data correctly and making use of secure cloud offering is often an easier option for achieving a secure solution. RaaS provides infrastructure that is compliant with various regulations and certifications, such as HIPAA and GDPR. With a RaaS solution, Rhapsody provides off the shelf compliance and takes on the responsibility of the solution adhering to the appropriate compliance and risk best practice guidelines.

Provides cost-effective healthcare integration

Maintaining, supporting, and upgrading technology in-house can be extremely expensive, especially when new business software and hardware are being developed and released at an ever-increasing rate with no indications of slowing. A number of healthcare organizations have aging infrastructure and are now in, or approaching, the replacement cycle and the cost of replacing legacy systems can be high. RaaS has an advantage over on-premises systems, as there is no requirement or a reduced requirement for hardware. RaaS provides the latest version of Rhapsody software and configuration, allowing users to automatically and continually upgrade their systems with instant access to the latest technology.

Increased flexibility through providing elastic scalability

RaaS supports scaling storage capacity, computing power, features and support. There is no software that needs to be quickly provisioned, no staff that need to be urgently trained and no servers to decommission because requirements have changed. Flexibility is essential if organizations are to grow and adapt to meet the fast-moving landscape of healthcare demands. The flexibility that RaaS provides can translate into cost savings, as there is an opportunity to reallocate IT staff to more value-generating activities.

Reliable access to data

RaaS aggregates and stores data in multiple offsite locations within your organization’s region. This provides reliable access to this data if a users site becomes compromised. This is far more cost-effective as users do not need to invest in their own redundant infrastructure. RaaS provides highly available deployments, so services recover from failures automatically and quickly, minimizing or eliminating downtime. RaaS also features 24/7 pro-active monitoring and on-call expert engineers, ensuring an A grade quality service. In mission-critical settings such as acute hospitals or emergency response, this is essential.

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