The Three-Part Strategy for Rhapsody and Corepoint Health Products

by Drew Ivan (EVP of Product and Strategy at Rhapsody & Corepoint Health)
The Three-Part Strategy for Rhapsody and Corepoint Health Products

Our merger with Corepoint Health attracted considerable attention from the healthcare IT community. One topic frequently asked about is our plan for maintaining both Corepoint Health and Rhapsody products moving forward, so it’s worth providing additional details.

We have a three-part strategy for our engines going forward.

First, we will continue to maintain and develop both Corepoint Health and Rhapsody’s on-prem engines over the course of their natural lives. Each product enjoys wide adoption, and we won’t ask our customers to switch to a different product. As we’ve seen with other vendors in the past, when customers are asked to migrate to a different technology, they prefer to find a new vendor with better consistency. 

Second, both Corepoint Health and Rhapsody have already taken the first steps into cloud computing with off-prem offerings. These will also continue to be maintained and enhanced. Corepoint One is available on Microsoft Azure, and Rhapsody as a Service (RaaS) is offered through Amazon Web Services. These offerings represent a “lift and shift” of the on-prem engines into the cloud, and they are designed to be an easy path for on-prem customers to move their integration infrastructures into the cloud. Since there are so many customers of each engine, we will be maintaining both paths from on premises to off premises.

Third, there is a cloud-native future. Prior to merging, both companies had independently planned to create a cloud-native integration solution. Both projects are still in the starting gate, and so this seems like the perfect juncture for a unified solution. We envision a single cloud offering that provides all the combined functionality of both engines, plus a great deal more. Existing interface configurations will be portable into the cloud solution, and we will continue to provide both a Corepoint Health-like and Rhapsody-like user experience.

These are the main tenets of our go-forward strategy, and they won’t change even as we drive more detail and clarity into each of the three parts. We’re excited to invent the future of interoperability alongside our customers, so we invite feedback on this blueprint.

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