#Engine Migration

Migrating from On-Premises to the Cloud in Four Steps

How you can offset the burden of migrating your integration engine to the cloud

Migrating from a Legacy Integration Engine

To leverage cloud and mobile technologies, healthcare organisations should consider replacing their older integration platforms. 

Migrate with Confidence

Five steps to a successful integration engine migration.

Migrating from a Legacy Integration Engine

How to Recreate Your Original Custom Logic in Your New Integration Engine

Recreating the custom logic that was built into a legacy integration engine is one of the most challenging aspects of an integration engine migration.

Four Essential Things to Do to Prepare for a New Integration Engine

Organizations that follow these four steps will do more than ensure that their migration effort is optimized

Five Steps to Take Before Selecting Your Next Integration Engine

By all measures, choosing an integration engine is tough. Be sure to consider all of the vendors available and partner with one who has a record of successfully migrating legacy engines.

Ensure Your Integration Engine’s Migration Success

Like any critical project, the process of migrating from your legacy integration engine requires a strong plan.

How To Choose A New Integration Engine

An integration engine that is scalable, powerful, and easy-to-use is crucial. Are you ready to make this important decision?



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