Franco-Vietnamese Hospital

Franco-Vietnamese Hospital

Franco-Vietnamese Hospital is Vietnam's only internationally accredited healthcare facility. It is the first healthcare center in Vietnam to issue a Code of Medical Ethics, and has zero tolerance to all forms of corruption and bribery in healthcare.

The Customer

Established and inaugurated by a group of ten French doctors in 2003, FV Hospital is a wholly foreign-owned general hospital, offering a wide range of medical and surgical services under one roof, equipped to care for patients from consultation and diagnosis through to the completion of treatment.

With over 220 beds, and serving over 200,000 patients per year, FV Hospital is recognised as the premier medical facility in Vietnam and one of the leading international healthcare providers in South-East Asia.

The Challenge

From inception, FV Hospital aspired to have a comprehensive, fully integrated hospital information system with a single database platform. To achieve this, FV Hospital was keen on improving their healthcare systems for easier communication throughout their facility.

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