Achieving Integrated Care as the Foundation of Population Health Management: The Drivers for Change, Part 1

Integrated care is the goal of health systems worldwide, and there are numerous drivers for this.

The Move Toward API-Based Development and Integration

Brian Murphy, an industry analyst for Chilmark Research, recently anatomized open application programming interfaces (APIs) in the healthcare sector for a 32-page research report.

Why is it important for Clinicians to become actively involved in FHIR?

It is very important for clinicians to become actively involved in FHIR and health IT projects will benefit from having end users involved earlier in the process.

How to Recreate Your Original Custom Logic in Your New Integration Engine

Recreating the custom logic that was built into a legacy integration engine is one of the most challenging aspects of an integration engine migration.

Four Essential Things to Do to Prepare for a New Integration Engine

Organizations that follow these four steps will do more than ensure that their migration effort is optimized

APIs Alone Can't Deliver Last-Mile Integration in Healthcare

In healthcare, there is a vast disparity between data formats. No two healthcare software systems speak exactly the same language—at most, they speak dialects of the same language.

Why Is a Healthcare Focused Integration Engine Essential?

Acute hospitals are required to be operational 24/7, therefore so is the requirement to seamlessly integrate different systems and enable connected solutions which provide interoperability.

Five Steps to Take Before Selecting Your Next Integration Engine

By all measures, choosing an integration engine is tough. Be sure to consider all of the vendors available and partner with one who has a record of successfully migrating legacy engines.

Fueling the Journey towards APIs for Interoperability

By using these APIs in real-life software development, we have accelerated essential learnings that no amount of desktop research could’ve given us.

Ensure Your Integration Engine’s Migration Success

Like any critical project, the process of migrating from your legacy integration engine requires a strong plan.

Public Health 3.0: A Timely Upgrade

Healthcare is about treating one patient at a time using medicine. Public health, especially epidemiology, is about treating whole populations using statistics and policy tools.

What Can Health IT Learn from Detroit? How the Demise of the V8 Can Inform Healthcare Integration

Healthcare has lagged behind other industries in terms of technological advancement. But that is about to change.

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