What is telehealth?

‘Telehealth’ is a broad, multi-faceted, term that can mean different things to different people.

Five key innovations in telehealth today

Telehealth has grown to become a key concept in healthcare delivery, using technology to build bridges between patients and the care they need.

From FHIR profiling through to coping with different FHIR versions

FHIR aims to speed application development and interoperability, plus boost information sharing in healthcare, especially on mobile platforms.

Slow and Steady: The Journey Toward Interoperability

In this world of instant communication and seemingly endless amounts of disruptive apps, it may seem like health information technology has languished.

Breaking Down Barriers to Interoperability

We are rapidly moving into a highly complex—and potentially very hard to manage—global health landscape, and keeping on top of this change is essential to remaining effective as providers.

Interoperability vs. the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has passed a catastrophic milestone in the United States, taking the lives of over 100 Americans a day with no sign of slowing.

Despite Challenges, ‘Interoperability Advancements Will Likely Continue’

Before true interoperability in healthcare is achieved, a number of challenges will have to be addressed.

What is a FHIR Connectathon? And how do these events evolve this health IT standard?

Part of the reason why FHIR has gained such a large following in a short time has been the focus on involving the implementer community in the design and evolution of the standard.

FHIR is now Release 3! So what does that actually mean?

Rather than a single organization developing a standard for use by implementers, it has been developed from the very beginning by the community that is actually using it.

Achieving Integrated Care as the Foundation of Population Health Management: The Drivers for Change, Part 3

Bring together all parties involved in delivering healthcare to coordinate their services through the sharing of information and transform healthcare into a seamless experience for the patient.

FHIR - The Basics

Successful health IT can improve patient care and enable patients to become more involved. The health IT domain is complicated and FHIR helps to reduce the complexity.

Achieving Integrated Care as the Foundation of Population Health Management: The Drivers for Change, Part 2

One of the most complex and critical aspects of that is building an IT infrastructure that enables all participants in the healthcare system to access and share the information they need

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