Key Features

The Rhapsody product suite has numerous, innovative, features to help healthcare organizations achieve success. These product features include:

Graphical configuration

The Rhapsody Integrated Development Environment (Rhapsody IDE) is a Windows®-based application that provides a graphical user interface for rapidly creating and editing Rhapsody configurations. Rhapsody IDE enables the interface designer to create, view and modify configurations in a graphical drag-and-drop environment. Components are dragged into place from the toolbox of available processing actions (called filters) and connection interfaces (communication points). Rhapsody IDE automatically generates formatted PDF documentation describing the configuration.


Simplified monitoring and management

The Rhapsody Management Console is a web-based application, designed to reduce time spent on day-to-day monitoring and management, and provide troubleshooting. It displays information on the system status and state of message processing in the Engine.

The Management Console highlights problems such as system connections that are not operating and interfaces that are not keeping up with the required throughput. It also allows access to administration tasks and processing logs. The Management Console provides access to copies of all recent messages processed by the Engine. Messages are stored in the Rhapsody archive for a configurable period of time and during that time, they can be edited, resent and reprocessed as required. Messages can be viewed at all stages of processing and the complete path of a message is displayed graphically.


Streamlined user experience

The user experience is streamlined to provide effortless drag-and-drop configuration tools to connect systems. Rhapsody IDE provides a number of transformational tools: a filter for common HL7 message modifications, an auto-mapping and drag-and-drop field mapper, and a flexible JavaScript filter. These tools enable the user to transform data between systems rapidly, regardless of the complexity of the task. Built-in testing allows the user to test transformations with multiple scenarios. Custom extensions can also be built using the Rhapsody Development Kit (RDK).


High-performance messaging engine

The Rhapsody Engine is the main messaging service of the Rhapsody product suite. It accepts messages from external systems, processes the messages within the Engine, and sends them to external systems. Security is of primary concern and is built into every part of the product, with a view to safeguarding any protected health information (PHI) that passes through the Engine. The Engine provides guaranteed message delivery and has a high message throughput. Message archiving, filtering, routing, mapping, translations and queuing all occur according to the Engine’s configuration.

The Engine takes care of managing standards required for health data integration, from healthcare protocols - HL7, EDIFACT, NCPDP, X12 - to emerging standards such as FHIR, and custom formats such as CSV, Fixed Width and XML. Rhapsody supports HIPAA and is also certified to meet relevant Meaningful Use criteria.


Proactive notifications

The Management Console highlights issues as they arise, enabling the user to resolve issues in a timely manner. Rhapsody can alert the user to issues before they become critical, helping to maintain a healthy Engine with minimal downtime. The alert notification system can be configured to the user’s requirements, allowing users to configure thresholds at a component level. Watchlists allow the grouping of components so that they can be monitored as a group. The delivery time and method of notifications can also be configured. 

Rhapsody provides APIs for remote monitoring. These APIs provide the ability to monitor and perform management actions (such as starting a communication point) in Rhapsody’s Dashboard and Mobile components as well as external applications.



As A Service

Also get these features

Flexibility to add instances as you need them

Due to its cloud infrastructure, Rhapsody as a Service can be scaled out (or up) when and if needed. RaaS can scale Rhapsody at very short notice without any noticeable service interruption.

Keep up to date with the latest version

There are numerous advantages to keeping up to date with the latest version of Rhapsody. These include benefiting from new and improved functionalities, as well as any bug fixes and security updates. The Rhapsody platform adapts to customer needs and new features are added with each new version release.

By using Rhapsody as a Service, users can gain all the advantages of the latest Rhapsody platform without having to execute the upgrades themselves.

24/7 Monitoring and support

Having your Rhapsody platform processing messages in and out is critical to any operation. However, having enough trained personnel to maintain a 24/7 monitoring and on-call system is not always feasible. RaaS provides a best in class monitoring system, run by a team of SaaS specialists. The monitoring system has proactive alerting, backed up by our specialist team 24/7. The team will make sure the committed Service Level Agreements are met, and any unexpected issue is resolved in a timely manner, to minimize the mean time to recover.

Global service coverage

Rhapsody is a global healthcare software company, and is capable of providing the solution in any region of the globe. The Rhapsody organization has the capacity and infrastructure to provide a RaaS solution in varied locations around the planet. There is ability to provision a localized Rhapsody platform if required for performance or legal reasons.

Utilizing AWS as a cloud provider

Rhapsody is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) around the world to deliver solutions for the health industry. AWS reduces the time and effort required to run existing workloads and speeds up development of new solutions, while meeting the local security and privacy requirements. Rhapsody utilizes AWS services to help end users save resource and infrastructure space, by putting data and backup in the cloud. 

This allows customers to take advantage of innovative ways to manage patient information in their Rhapsody systems. Through a HIPAA BAA with AWS, Rhapsody can offer HIPAA and GDPR compliance in RaaS for all our customers.

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