Rhapsody Health Solutions Team

First Step Forward… Inward

August 6, 2020

When we first announced the development of the Co-Creation Lab the ideas for our first project came from every direction.

But somewhere along the way to getting that first project all visioned up a thought struck — an epiphany, a grand moment of clarity, ingenuity in full kinetic bloom, … peaches en regalia,  yeah, like that.

What if our partner was our own company? 

Two of the key criteria we look for in a Co-Creation Lab engagement are whether it meets a strategic need and fits with Rhapsody’s interoperability ethos. These two key principles are analyzed from two independent perspectives to see if the project strengthens our customer and partner relationships and check it furthers Rhapsody’s stated strategic goals.

So, like with every co-creation engagement, we placed Rhapsody against those two criteria and discovered that the Lab could help the company with one of its most important goals: Interoperability.

Interoperability is the new Integration.  Everybody’s doing it.  Everybody wants one. But they are not the same and we know this.  They are different and we need to know how they are different and how that impacts what we do going forward.

If you want to be Interoperability leaders, then you need to understand FHIR® and you need to know how FHIR® works in your product stack or platform. FHIR® is a focal point for interoperability and with good reason, that’s it’s name: Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources. 

Through the analysis we discovered an opportunity to further develop Rhapsody Integration Engine with FHIR®, which is how our first Co-Creation Lab project, FHIR Demonstration, came to be. 

Discovering the technical resources within, serving the needs of our customer facing actors, creating the connection between strategy and action, between objectives and perceptions, this project has got it all. 

And so we begin.

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